North Lawndale College Prep

Last year, we had the pleasure of learning about a special high school in our own backyard—North Lawndale College Prep High School. NLCPHS is a charter college preparatory high school in the North Lawndale community on the West Side of Chicago. North Lawndale is a community that has struggled for decades with poverty. Schools suffered, along with the rest of the community. The community’s population dropped from almost 95,000 in 1970 to shy of 36,000 in 2010 with foreclosures brought on by the Great Recession accelerating the pace of decline in recent years. Today, the community is 92 percent AfricanAmerican, with high rates of poverty still a constant. NLCPHS opened in 1998 to meet the community need of developing an academically rigorous neighborhood school with a strong element of social support. NLCP asks students to hold themselves to a higher standard. Students and staff at NLCP work together to create a school culture that encourages and supports everyone to succeed. Nash Brothers will support the Senior Project Mentor Program at NLCP which provides feedback and encouragement to seniors as they complete their final projects. We are honored to participate.

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